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Jules Verne
Ecole Primaire - Elementary School
À Jules-Verne, nous faisons le tour du monde en 180 jours.
At Jules-Verne, we travel the world in 180 days.

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Welcome to Jules Verne

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1701 De lÉcole, Laval, QC, H7G 1V5
Tel. 450 680-3050
Principal: Irene Tsimiklis  
School Secretary: Pina Catalfamo  
Daycare Coordinator: Paula Freitas  


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Upcoming Events Calendar

Mar-23: Dress Down Day - $2.00 donation for the Montreal Children Hospital
Mar-23: Kindness Club & Student Council Food Drive
Mar-26: Kindness Club & Student Council Food Drive
Mar-27: Kindness Club & Student Council Food Drive
Mar-28: Kindness Club & Student Council Food Drive
Mar-29: Special Easter Treat
Mar-29: Easter Hunt for Younger Grades K to Grade 4
Mar-29: March Madness Basketball Tournament Gr 5-6
Mar-30: Holiday - Good Friday
Apr-01: Easter Sunday

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Synonyms: mingy, tight, mean.

Usage: The necessity of disbursing passage money for all his tribe seemed to disturb him in a manner that was the more striking because otherwise he gave no signs of a miserly disposition.